Join Us!

Interested in learning more, collaborating, or supporting our research?

The BRITElab is always looking for Duke undergraduates to join our team! In the BRITElab, undergraduates have the opportunity to be true collaborators in the research process, helping to design and manage research projects from start to finish. We give priority to students who have already taken research methods and statistics, as these courses equip novice students with important skills.

Our projects usually involve a combination of data collected online and in actual classrooms. Undergraduates in our lab 1) read relevant research literature, 2) think about effective study designs to tackle specific questions, 3) learn about survey creation through Qualtrics, 4) run studies online using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Duke’s SONA system, and 5) interact with other faculty to test out new teaching practices in actual college courses. Contact us to learn more at!