Lab News

February 2021

One BRITElab student and one alum presented at the February 2021 BRITEideas talks! Jingxuan Liu presented research on the impacts of norm-based and criteria-based grading systems on student beliefs and behaviors. Michelle Wong discussed how the use of different metaphors for the student-instructor relationship can impact student course expectations.

Check out the recordings at this link!

January 2021

Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard presented a talk at the 2021 NITOP Teaching Slam: Do You See Who I See? Demonstrating the Face Identity Aftereffect to Teach the Neural Basis of Visual Perception.

Check it out at this YouTube link!

October 2020

Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard published a chapter in a newly released edited volume on assessment, published by APA Books, Assessing Undergraduate Learning in Psychology: Strategies for Measuring and Improving Student Performance.

The book was co-edited by Susan Nolan, Christopher Hakala, and R. Eric Landrum, and explores assessments that instructors and administrators can use to design student-centered undergraduate psychology courses and curricula. The contributors address the realities of assessment, offering ideas on how to maximize their utility in the face of limitations. Ultimately, the book can support programs as they prepare students to be successful global citizens.

Assessing Undergraduate Learning in Psychology is available directly from APA Books ( as well as from many major online book sellers.

Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard and BRITElab sophomore Taalin RaoShah presented at the Annual Conference on Teaching. Their presentation was titled: Developing collaborative thinkers: Rethinking how we define, teach, and assess student participation in class.

September 2020

Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard receives the faculty seed grant from the Charles Lafitte Foundation for the Program for Research in Psychology & Neuroscience! Dr. Hard has been a recipient of this grant in both 2018 and 2019. The faculty project for the 2020-2021 year is titled: “How Do Professors’ Intuitive Theories About Teaching Shape Pedagogy.”

Six BRITElab undergraduates -- Jing, Adam, Malorie, Taalin, Leigh, and Haley receive URS grants and student research grants from the Charles Lafitte Foundation for their research!

August 2020

BRITElab student Malorie Lipsten and former lab manager Vivian Iva submitted a poster titled "What are we rating? Race and gender bias in students' perceptions of onine course reviews" for the 2020 virtual APA conference!

BRITElab member Taalin is seen presented here to an audience of 12 via mobile Zoom.

July 2020

BRITElab congratulates our summer RAs on their final presentations and poster sessions!

Rising seniors Adam Zimmer and Janette Levin were part of this year's VIP cohort and got a head-start on their thesis with VIP. Rising sophomore Taalin RaoShah collaborated with Dr. to write an article on about collaboration in the classroom!

May 2020

Duke BRITElab would like to welcome its new Research Coordinator, Michelle Wong! Michelle graduated this past May with a BS in Program II, a self-designed interdisciplinary major titled Neuroanthropology in Pedagogy, Policy, and Practice. Michelle will follow up for Vivian, our former lab manager, who will now be pursuing graduate studies in art therapy. Michelle will be overseeing the operations of all of our projects as well as providing support to our undergraduate and graduate collaborators.

The first-ever, BRITElab online theses defenses. Above is a photo captured from Ceren's defense, and below is captured from Michelle's defense.

April 2020

And we're online! Seniors Ceren Ebrem and Michelle Wong successfully defend their theses for graduation with distinction in the Psychology & Neuroscience and Program II departments respectively.

Ceren is the recipient of the 2020 Zener Award, which recognizes the most outstanding undergraduate thesis as judged by a faculty committee. Michelle is an honorable mention for the 2020 Holton Prize for Educational research and will graduate with highest distinction.

Above: Kayley stands by her poster: An experimental study of the impact of smartphones in classroom enjoyment, attention, and learning. Below: Jingxuan presents her research to a fellow student.

February 2020

BRITElab visits SPSP 2020 in New Orleans! Three undergraduate researchers, Kayley Dotson, Jingxuan Liu, and Michelle Wong present posters at the symposium.

January 2020

Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard and graduate students Paula Yust, Christina Bejjani, and Brenda Yang present at 2020 NITOP Conference. Undergraduate students Ceren Ebrem and Jingxuan Liu co-authored posters titled Using Language to Measure Student Beliefs about Intelligence and Belonging & Academic Engagement in a Large Introductory Psychology Course.

November 2019

Check out the new Duke Learning Innovation blog post on “New Research on Team-Based Learning” written by BRITElab undergraduate student Malorie Lipstein!

Above: Michelle presents on Jingxuan presents her research: Meatphors We Teach By. Below: Jingxuan Socio-emotional Predictors of Classroom Success in a Large Lecture-Based Introductory Psychology Course

BRITElab undergraduate researchers Jingxuan Liu and Michelle Wong present at the annual SNCURCS gathering, held at Duke University this year.

October 2019

Check out the new Duke Learning Innovation blog post on “Improving Student Learning: One Nudge at a Time” featuring guest posts from BRITElab undergraduate students Malorie Lipstein and Haley Blank!

September 2019

“Is stress always bad?” Check out Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard’s YouTube video produced by Duke University Communications to learn about how reframing our ideas about stress can reduce its harmful impacts!

Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard receives the faculty seed grant from the Charles Lafitte Foundation for the Program for Research in Psychology & Neuroscience!

BRITElab undergrad researchers Michelle and Jing presented their summer research at the VIP poster session in July.

July 2019

BRITElab undergrad researchers Michelle Wong and Jingxuan Liu present their summer research projects at the VIP poster session. VIP is a great opportunity for students to get a head-start on research for Graduation with Distinction. Both Michelle and Jing’s projects are being developed into research articles that they will co-author!

The BRITElab would like to welcome its new Research Coordinator, Vivian Iva! Vivian just graduated from Duke University with a double-major in Visual Arts and Psychology. She will be overseeing the operations of all of our projects as well as providing support to our undergraduate collaborators.

Nathan, Dr. Hard, and Michelle with their poster: Mapping the Structure of Metaphorical Lay Theories in Education.

May 2019

Dr. Bridgette Hard gives a talk, Metaphors We Teach By, with the APS-STP teaching institute at this year's APS meeting in Washington D.C.! Dr. Hard and BRITElab students Nathan Liang and Michelle Wong co-authored a poster and presents at APS 2019 in Washington D.C.

Katie Herrmann (top) and Anna Jenkins (bottom) defended their theses for Graduation with Distinction in Psychology.

March & April 2019

BRITElab thesis students Katie Herrmann and Anna Jenkins successfully defend their thesis projects for Graduation with Distinction in Psychology. Katie, Anna, and Michelle Wong also presented their projects at the April BRITEideas session.

Stressed for Success: An Anxiety Reappraisal Video Intervention for Undergraduates, by Katie Herrmann

Worried Sick: The Impact of Students' Stress Mindsets on Academic Performance and Health, by Anna Jenkins

February 2019

January 2019

Check out Dr. Bridgette Hard’s recent article in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology with Shannon Brady (Wake Forest) and BRITElab '18 alum Joshua Lovett.

Katie Herrmann and Natasha Parikh present their first poster titled Exam Anxiety in College Students: Video Anxiety Reappraisal Intervention

Katie Herrmann and Natasha Parikh present BRITElab research at the National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology.

October 2018

Dr. Bridgette Hard receives faculty seed grant from the Charles Lafitte Foundation for Program for Research in Psychology & Neuroscience.

Brenda Yang and Christina Bejjani receive a Graduate/Postdoc Grant Award from the Charles Lafitte Foundation Program for Research in Psychology & Neuroscience for their BRITElab research on “Intelligence Mindsets Across Classrooms".

August 2018

Dr. Bridgette Hard presents the Diane Halpern Lecture at the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA: “The Undercover Scientist: Using Pedagogical Research to Teach and Discover.”

January 2018

Dr. Bridgette Hard is the featured guest on the PsychSessions Podcast: “The Artistry and Craft of Teaching!"